At White Water Surf Co. we stock a complete range of wetsuits, to understand what you need in a wetsuit it’s best to call in and have a chat, however, in order to give a rough outline of the variety on offer, here’s a quick guide to wetsuit speak.

5, 4. 3 / 4, 3 / 3, 2 / 2,1.

These figures all refer to the thickness of a wetsuit. The first figure refers to the thickness of the panel covering the torso e.g. 5, 4. 3 means a 5mm panel covering the torso, the other figures refer to various different panels on the arms, legs etc.

The thicker the wetsuit the more suitable it is for colder water or for people who get cold easily. In general terms 5, 4, 3 wetsuits are used for the winter months – November, December, January and into February.

4, 3 wetsuits or Spring suits are used for March, April, May and sometimes October also.

3, 2 Summer suits are used in June, July, August and September.

We stock a full range of wetsuits from some of the leading brands in wetsuit technology, including O’Neill, Quiksilver and Tiki. If you are in the market for a wetsuit don’t hesitate to call in or drop us an e-mail, again if we don’t have what need in stock we can order a suit to specific requirements and have it within a few days.

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