Beginner Surf Boards

Beginner’s boards are in huge demand and tend to hold their value well. Second hand boards can be difficult to find so here at White Water we stock a full range of Southern Swell boards which are ideal for beginners and fantastic value to boot.

One of the most important aspects of a beginner’s board is that it be durable without being heavy and awkward. Our boards are finished in epoxy resin, which is both strong and light which in turn makes it perfect for a first board which is likely to suffer some abuse.

In Stock Now:

We have 7′ 2″ Southern Swells retailing for €290.00 with a leash and fins and a 7’6″ for older kids and adults retailing for €300.00. These boards hold their value well so that even after a year of surfing you can still expect to get €250.00 for one.

Soft boards:

For anyone concerned about the safety of younger kids we also stock soft boards in 6, 8 and 9 foot lengths.

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