New JP Surfboards in stock.

Delighted to say we now have some brand new shapes in stock including a couple of high performance S1 models in the 6 to 6 2 range in both squash and round tail

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Aloha Quickshift now in stock

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Forgiving yet still performance based, the Quickshift is easy on the eye and even easier to ride. An all-rounder that’s designed to perform at the local beach break right through to the most serious reef break, the Quickshift is the perfect alternative to the high performance models.
The full outline through the front half of the board adds stability while the subtle entry rocker and flipped nose lets you confidently paddle into steeper waves with ease. The slightly narrower tail outline and smooth exit curve allows the board to maintain control and maneuverability in critical situations and at high speeds, while still maintaining a level of sensitivity in smaller waves.

The versatility of the Quickshift is further enhanced with a tri-quad fin configuration allowing it to be set up as a thruster or a quad to customize its performance.

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  • Polyester
      CNC milled from the shapers files and glassed by hand in the traditional polyester method, all of the polyester boards are top quality construction with the feeling that you know and love under your feet.
      All Aloha, Walden, McTavish, 7S and Blue polyester boards are CNC milled from the shapers files and glassed by hand using the finest woven E glass and Bennett foam blanks to insure quality. The stringers are laminated so that there are no weak spots in the wood and to control consistent flex across the board. These boards simply feel good and look clean and ride unreal.

      You can find out more about GSI’s surfboard construction on our surfboard technologies page

Single/Double Neutral Rail 2-7ft waves Intermediate – Advanced



Aloha Quickshift



6’0” 19 1/4” 2 3/8” 28 ltr FCS M5 70kg or less6’2” 19 3/8” 2 3/8” 30 ltr FCS M5 75kg6’4” 19 1/2” 2 1/2” 33 ltr FCS M5 80kg6’6” 19 5/8” 2 5/8” 37 ltr FCS M5 90kg6’9” 19 3/4” 2 5/8” 38 ltr FCS M5 95kg +/- 5kg



Lee from NSW, Australia says:

Took the Quickshift out today for the first time at Avoca Point on NSW Central Coast. Had a great surf so that implies the board performed very well. The board offers very good performance as I was surfing a tricky point wave with a ledgey takeoff surging next to rocks. Had some late takeoffs with board accelerating nicely upon landing in pocket. Set this board up as quad with addition of FCS G-XQ rear fins that you add to the M5 fins that come standard. This design really suits the quad as board has less drag and moves freely over dead spots and also does not get hung up at the takeoff. This means heaps of speed!! What most people do not realise is that the thruster has a major flaw and that is too much drag caused by the centre fin. This causes the board to hang up on takeoff and stall over dead spots The old single fins had minimal drag and now the quads have reduced drag with heaps of manoeuverability. Board will suit intermediate to advanced surfers who don’t want the drawbacks of a PRO board. Good board for east coast OZ.

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Circle One Bamboo Boards

We are delighted to say we have just taken delivery of a shipment of really cool bamboo boards from Circle One .  These are some of the lightest and strongest boards I,ve ever seen and as always with Jeff Townsley the shapes are classic and timeless with modern elements  in tail , rail , and flex charachteristics.  In stock at the minute are a 6 4 winged swallow with channels that looks like it would fly in all conditions.  Also we have a 7′ round tail mal with thruster set up, so if you,re in the market for a board to guarentee year round fun and hold its value like no other why not call in and check it out

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Surfboards and then some

Well its official, summer is finally here, according to the calander at least.  To celebrate the arrival of mellow waves and warm waters we are now fully stocked with summer boards and suits.  From budget beginners boards to summer shortboards we have them all.  With brands like JP  Rusty  Aloha  and a full range of Circle One epoxy  classics there,s something for everyone so why not call in and whet the appetite,  it can,t stay flat forever. Check FB for some pictures

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summer,s here

well technically at least its summer though you wouldn,t think so to look at it. In preparation for the season we are getting new stock in almost daily and now have a huge range of suits, boards, and accessories suitable for all budgets. Whether you are looking for a beginners board a high volume short board or just a body board we have it all at competetive prices so dont hesitate to give us a call if in the miltown /spanish point area.

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psycotropic oystercatchers

as I get older and a little more relaxed sometimes I don,t even need to get in the ocean to satisfy the craving.  Last time I walked the beach at Spanish Point the mystery dawned again without even getting my feet wet.

It was a big low tide where the waterline was on the periphery.  The lingering cold of winter hung on the water while the looming warm air of spring tried to get a foothold giving birth to an ethereal fog that distorted the rigid line of the horizon like a mouthfull of psycotropics.  Oystercatchers gatheredat the limit of the senses in shy groupings that seem to confirm  my place in the scheme of things by the ocean.  The fog reminds me of my youth , it is limitless and infinite and, combined with the surreal quiteness causes me to reflect on memories and emotions long forgotton

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cold pro acts

Some amazing new acts announced for Cold Pro 2011 including Jamie XX from The XX.  This band feature in practically everyones top 10 of 2010 so its quite the coup to have this guy on the bill. Check out the videos at

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Surfing with your mates

hollow one at spanish point

Spanish Point Reef

So the good news is that it is still possible. Whats that then I hear you say? Well despite surfings growing poularity, despite the amount of predictive information available on the internet, and despite the recession it,s still possible to surf with your mates in uncrowded waves. Time was the only way of knowing if there were waves involved being in sight of the ocean. Living at the coast was the only way to be certain of scoring the best waves. Nowadays theres no particular advantage in coastal dwelling when the oceans every twitch is telegraphed in advance allowing even the most landlocked of surf addled junkies to be on it ,at the right place ,right time ,every time. Not to be too misty eyed or nostalgic about it and not wanting come across as some sort of Luddite but it does sometimes feel when trapped in the middle of the pack that there is a disconnect between what we are doing in the ocean and what the ocean is doing with us.

Anyway the point I was hoping to make before the mini rant is that it is still possible to surf with a few mates away from the pack. That,s one of the most exciting things about this time of year when days get longer and possibilities begin to expand.

As I came round the corner Shirley was just jumping into the rip with no one else about. By the time I,d changed and made my way to the jump off spot he,d allready had three good ones and was lining up another.We traded a few waves before Linnane(temporarily freed from parental duties ) paddled out and stroked into a gem. We knew it wouldn,t last long as the swell was picking and the tide filling fast so made the most and left the water laughing.It wasn,t death defying ,it wasn,t a business, it was a few mates reaping the benifits of living by the ocean.

thanks to jennifer for the photos which prove conclusively that Spanish Point has a split personality and sometimes thinks its Crab Island.

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Cold Pro 2011 sunday night lineup

Great news on Coldpro with the announcement today of the Sunday night lineup headlined by the amazing Imelda May. With more acts being confirmed in the near future its looking like being an epic weekend. log on to for a treat….

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Super Swell

They often say to be carefull what you wish for and that looks to be the case today with so much swell about that most spots are maxed out.  With waves breaking in places never seen before we are witnessing the type of storm not seen in a few seasons.  Some incredible waves have been ridden in Bundoran allready today and with the swell to increase and some of the best big wave surfers in the world on hand it promises to be an interesting few days.  Historic is an easily abused word but in terms of intensity and willingness to push the bounderies we are looking at the dawn of a new era in Irish surfing.  Mullaghmor head will tomorrow witness some of the most dramatic sporting feats ever seen in Ireland……best of luck to all…..

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